Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You have seen the pictures of Alaska, a showcase of innumerable mountains of stratospheric height, dizzying peaks, glaciers the size of miniature islands, variegated landscapes of grasslands, frozen tundra, rock, and ice, and thousands of miles of chilly, lonesome, tidal shorelines. Even the largest picture books on The Last Frontier with the glossiest photos cannot rightfully be called breathtaking, I have been told, unless you have been there observing key Alaska’s features from a cruise ship or by trekking the rugged landscape yourself. Alaska is a country of pristine beauty.

Having grown up in Alaska, the land of her father, Kassi Moe and her music have taken on features of that state from smooth, lead vocals to natural instrumental composition to a sweeping, panoramic beauty. Kassi’s “Beyond Sound” EP is a journey where you sail the rhythmic waves of audio landscapes, taking in inter-coastal aesthetics and acoustic features of a musical cruise. At nineteen Kassi has been living in Nashville, working on her EP with producer Taylor Carroll of Memphis fame and under the vocal instruction of Brett Manning of Singing Success.

I’ve had numerous conversations with Kassi Moe at Shabbat, various bar & grills, and during late nights at Nashville’s Sound Stage in the studio with Brett Manning, Taylor Carroll and countless others during the contribute-to-the-vibe parties that producers find so inspiring the duration of the recording process. Kassi’s album embodies an “other-worldy” quality best described as vocal-centric and chaste, perfectly matching her innocent disposition. Pensive, well-traveled, and homeschooled her whole life, Kassi underscores the themes of necessity for vision and clarity of purpose in “Beyond Sound.”

Kassi’s EP song titles share the same genome of simplicity: Clarity, New Life, This Dance, Vision, and Untitled, all titles available on itunes. Become a fan. Kassi's music can be heard on the following sites:

Also, check out Kassi Moe's official music site at http://www.kassimoe.com.


  1. I know her!!! She used to live in my town in Alaska!! I love her and her family, they are such nice people. Kassi is the kindest person I know and I love her music.

  2. Seriously! Kassi is brilliant, and her lyrics and musical composition is absolutely amazing. She is doing well. You should give her a call.

  3. Melting the ice of Alaska with her voice since 1991

  4. She is an amazingly talented person & I have the pleasure of knowing her. Always kind, with good words to say to everyone, she deserves this more than most people suspect! Go Kassi!

  5. I love love LOVE Kassi's music. Go over to iTunes and have a listen... If you like it, support this young artist so that she can give you even more amazing songs.

  6. Hey, Kassi Moe's official music site is now up at http://www.kassimoe.com!


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