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JACKSON THOMAS: "I'm Not Sure How He Made It, But He Did"

Last Thursday morning, the world turned upside down for Jackson Thomas – literally.
Jackson, a recent high school graduate with a passion for photography, video, and travel, has filled hisInstagram andYouTube feeds with images and short films of his adventures camping, hanging around Franklin with friends, touring Israel, living in Greece, and exploring Turkey. Jackson invited his viewers along as he jumped into oceans, walked railroad tracks, climbed rooftops, and rode foreign highways, often with his trademark left hand extended with an open palm.

Jackson wasn't planning to attend college. He was going to chase his passion for film, travel, and photography and eventually support himself with his own business. His parents were 100% supportive of his plans. Besides the social media posts, Jackson also took senior portraits and interned withCompass Cinema. And a multitude of other things like working part-time at McCreary's in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.
As a kind of grad…

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